Planning for Your Vacation Home
Types of Ownership

The family cottage. For many Great Lakes residents, it is almost a sacred place, the source of incredibly rich and rewarding memories that carry on from generation to generation. But the death of a parent, competing family interests and especially tax implications can create serious complications and even lead to the loss of this treasure trove of summer memories. To avoid these complications and preserve your vacation home or cottage requires early planning.

Allison Sleight brings three important attributes to her work for Kreis Enderle clients. The first is a commitment to responsiveness. Good news or bad, Allison knows clients deserve prompt updates on the status of their case and makes it a priority to always return calls in 24 hours or less. Second is a healthy skepticism about what the other side provides in discovery and throughout the legal process. She takes pride in making sure she has the correct information to adequately serve her clients. And, third, Allison has a unique blend of general business litigation and family law experience that provides an effective edge in negotiations and other client representation activities.

We are pleased to offer an opportunity for our clients to call or Skype in on the first Tuesday of each month for complimentary advice on a specific topic. We have made two hours worth of 15 minute time blocks available on these days and our upcoming topics are:
  • September 1
    Trademarks for your business
  • October 6
    Succession planning for your vacation home
  • November 3
    Give your estate plan a check up
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