Elliott Church

Elliott J. R. Church  practices business law, technology law in Grand Rapids

“In IT transactions, a solid understanding of the subject matter is essential to good legal advice.”

Elliott's practice focuses on adding practical, bottom-line value to Information Technology transactions. Elliott advises clients on all types of IT transactions, including IT service contracts, software and SaaS licensing, and related copyright, trademark, and patent matters.

Elliott's background includes years of professional experience in software development, database administration, and IT procurement. His combined legal, technical, and transactional experience equip him with a comprehensive understanding of the unique risks and opportunities in IT, as well as an ability to foresee issues that can arise in the negotiation and performance of IT agreements. Elliott invites you to call to discuss any questions or issues you encounter related to law and technology in your domestic or international transactions. Elliott has presented on open-source software licensing issues for developers and users.