Mark Kreter

Mark E. Kreter practices business law, civil litigation and mergers & acquisitions in Battle Creek and St. Joseph

"Beating 'the other guy' is not the goal. The best client outcome is."

When clients face particularly stressful circumstances, Mark Kreter believes it is essential to always be nearby to offer a steadying and positive influence. With over 30 years of diverse trial experience, Mark says there are very few legal situations he has not encountered and he therefore tries to focus on reasonable, realistic, and client-centered solutions to every problem he faces.

A seasoned veteran of alternative dispute resolution, Mark believes every lawsuit can be voluntarily settled. If one of Mark’s cases proceeds to trial, it is likely because the other party failed to properly evaluate its case and the risks inherent in trial. Mark’s highly successful trial record speaks to his ability to properly evaluate a client’s case and the risks of trial, as well as his courtroom presence and command. As a litigation attorney, he represents some of the largest insurance companies in the country. Mark utilizes the same client-centered approach to the law as a transactional attorney; Mark has closed well over $100 million in mergers and sales of various business entities.