Steve Hessen

Stephen J. Hessen practices business law, civil litigation, estate planning and real estate in Kalamazoo

“Being brutally candid and absolutely decisive are often what clients need most.” 

Brutal candor or, as Steve Hessen says it, “bluntness,” may seem like an odd quality for an attorney to embrace.  But as Steve sees it, anything less than total candor is a disservice to his clients.  He believes they need to know everything about their cases: the good, the bad and the ugly.  Once the essential facts are clearly understood by client and attorney alike, better decisions can be made.  And those decisions likewise need to be firm and clear.  With 25 years of experience in commercial litigation, estate planning and business planning, Steve also has the credentials to back up his forthright point of views about effective legal counsel.   

As Kreis Enderle's managing partner, Steve is passionate about the firm and his primary practice areas, especially shareholder disputes.  He is also passionate about community service, contributing much time and talent to the benefit of multiple organizations.