Steve Simons

Stephen L. Simons practices banking, business law, estate planning, mergers & acquisitions, probate / trust administration, real estate and succession planning in Battle Creek

“Experience matters.”

It is said there’s no substitute for experience.  In his 33 years of practice, Steve Simons has seen just about every situation imaginable in the areas of his expertise: business law, real estate, estate planning, probate and trust administration and banking.  Along the way, Steve has learned that good lawyering is a matter of applying the three A’s of legal service.  Availability when needed by the client.  Ability to communicate – listening to the concerns of the client and clearly explaining legal concepts and terminology.  And attention to detail.

Steve is especially sought after for his experience in estate planning and he has been a presenter at multiple seminars on the topic.  His talents are also valued by a number of community, civic, arts and non-profit organizations in which he is involved.