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Supreme Court Arbitration

Employment Contracts Prohibiting Class Actions Are Legal, Rules U.S. Supreme Court

The legality of employment agreements that prevent employees from participating in class actions against their employers over … Continue Reading

volunteer wages and overtime

Expectation of Compensation Is Threshold Question for FLSA Wage and Hour Claim

Wage and hour violations in the U.S. are surprisingly common, with employers negligently or intentionally withholding compensation … Continue Reading

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The DOL’s Proposed Tip-Pooling Regulations Will Likely Take Effect in 2018

Litigation over wages in the restaurant industry is not new. However, since 2011, there has been a … Continue Reading

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Employers Beware: Answering Calls and Emails From Home is Compensable Work Time

The holiday season often results in an influx of employees exercising time away from the office to … Continue Reading

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Is your sales representative commission policy ready for an employee departure?

Many companies have employees that are, either in whole or in part, paid via commission. Many times, … Continue Reading

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