Jesse Young Appears on WWMT-TV News to Discuss Michigan’s New Paid Sick Leave Law

michigan_paid_sick_leave_actMichigan’s new Paid Sick Leave Act took effect on March 29, 2019, and Kreis Enderle employment lawyer Jesse Young appeared on WWMT-TV to explain how the new law impacts employers and workers alike.

As detailed in the news segment, the act – previously signed into law in December 2018 – requires employers with 50 or more employees:

  • Offer paid medical leave to hourly employees who work 25 or more hours each week;
  • Give qualified employees one hour of paid sick time for every 35 hours worked;
  • Allow workers accrue up to 40 hours of paid medical leave each year.

Employers may offer worker more than 40 hours of paid medical leave at their discretion, but the act does not require it.

Employees may use accrued paid leave hours for:

  • Care of treatment of the employee’s mental or physical health;
  • Care of treatment of a family member’s mental or physical health;
  • Medical or psychological treatment for the employee’s or a family member’s domestic violence or sexual assault, as well as obtaining legal services or participation in civil or criminal proceedings related to the domestic violence or sexual assault;
  • Closure of the employee’s primary workplace due to a public health emergency;
  • Care for the employee’s child whose school or place of care is closed due to a public health emergency; or
  • Instances where the employee’s or a family member’s presence in the community jeopardizes public health.

Employers should take action now to update their employee handbooks and workplace policies to ensure compliance with the new law.

To see the complete interview, click here.


Photo Credit: WWMT-TV

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