Kreis Enderle Attorney Gives Back Through Big Brothers Big Sisters

“Any big time in my life, you were there.”

Those words from Abby Judy sum up the relationship between her and her Big Sister, Kreis Enderle attorney Kay Kossen. Though the two are not related biologically, they have been major parts of each other’s lives over nearly 30 years through the Big Brothers Big Sisters program – a friendship that was recounted in the latest publication from the local chapter.

The article says that “except for a short time when Kay moved out of the area, the pair spent time together nearly every week until Abby hit high school and her schedule became busier. Then their visits were more sporadic but Abby knew she could always count on Kay. She looked up to her and wanted to make Kay proud.”

Kay helped encourage Abby when she wasn’t sure whether or not she’d be able to graduate high school. In the article, Abby says, “I couldn’t imagine telling Kay there wouldn’t be a graduation. She would have been so disappointed. I looked up to her so much and wanted her to see me in a certain way.”

According to the article, Kay helped Abby with her senior pictures, sold what would become Abby’s first car and bought Abby her first business suit in college. “It’s hard to sum up someone’s presence in your life – what hole would be there without them.” Abby said, “What kind of person would I be without her?”

The experience has been just as impactful for Kay. Describing the relationship, she says that Abby is a “life-long friend; someone who will always be there and accept you no matter what.”

According to the southwest Michigan BBBS website, the organization seeks to “help children realize their potential and build their futures” through initiatives that “nurture children and strengthen communities.”

Kay Kossen is an attorney in Kreis Enderle’s Battle Creek office who specializes in real estate law, estate planning, elder law and probate and trust administration. We at Kreis Enderle are extremely proud of her and all she means to the local community.

You can learn more about Kay by visiting her attorney bio on our website.

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