Kreis Enderle’s Bobbi Hines Launches Michigan Estate Planning Video Series

Why should someone have a will? Should only wealthy people create trusts? What exactly is an estate plan?  

To answer these and other questions, Kreis Enderle attorney Bobbi Hines has launched a video series focusing on various aspects of estate planning and elder law 

You may have heard recently that Aretha Franklin and Prince died without leaving a will, but so did President Abraham Lincoln, artist Pablo Picasso, billionaire Howard Hughes, and poet Robert Burns. As a result, their heirs received no direction as to how their assets were to be distributed, leaving it to the courts to make those determinations.  

In this first video in the series, Bobbi Hines talks about how she helps clients with wills, trusts, powers of attorney, probate avoidance, probate, and trust administration, as well as how she assists families in determining how to pay for and navigate assisted living and nursing home care for parents and grandparents. 

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