Ray Schultz

Seizure Orders

Imagine you are sitting at home one evening enjoying your dinner when suddenly a gentleman with a badge and some official looking paper titled “Seizure … Continue Reading

Jim Lance

5 ways to avoid probate in Michigan

The Probate process is a slow, tedious, and at times, expensive and potentially contentious process, at least when compared to other options. Many people believe … Continue Reading

Ryan Conboy

Michigan Property Tax Exemption for Disabled Veterans

If you are a Michigan disabled veteran, first, thank you for your service. You should also be aware that if you own Michigan real estate … Continue Reading

Jesse Young

The DOL’s Proposed Tip-Pooling Regulations Will Likely Take Effect in 2018

Litigation over wages in the restaurant industry is not new. However, since 2011, there has been a significant increase in litigation involving the tip pooling … Continue Reading

Dan McGlinn

Michigan’s Peace of Mind Registry; A Convenient Place to Store Your Health Care Power of Attorney On-Line

The State of Michigan has created a convenient on-line tool for individuals to store their Health Care Powers of Attorney (also known as a Patient … Continue Reading

Kay Kossen

Buyers Know Your Boundaries!

5 SURVEY TIPS FOR YOUR REAL ESTATE TRANSACTION I have represented too many clients recently who have been involved in a dispute or lawsuit involving … Continue Reading

Attorney Jesse L. Young Joins Kreis Enderle

Jesse is a nationally known employment litigation attorney.  Before moving back to his hometown of Kalamazoo and joining Kreis Enderle, Jesse spent ten years practicing … Continue Reading

Bobbi Hines

My Mom/Dad Remarried, Does That Affect Me?

To be quite honest, when it comes to your inheritance, it does affect you. You also shouldn’t feel bad about wondering. There is sentiment to … Continue Reading

Justin Wheeler

Evictions 101: Possession Judgments Vs. Money Judgments

One of the more confusing aspects to the eviction process for landlords involves whether to seek a possession judgment, money judgment, or both when evicting … Continue Reading

Bobbi Hines

Legal Issues For College-Aged Children

Your child turned 18 and suddenly no one will talk to you? Not school personnel? Not your child’s physician? Billing departments for medical bills or … Continue Reading

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