Steve Hessen

Charley Bogren and Nick Spigiel Will Be Among “100 Men Who Cook” at Kalamazoo Boys and Girls Clubs Fundraiser

Kreis Enderle attorneys Charley Bogren and Nick Spigiel are swapping law books for cookbooks! On August 10, 2019, the two will participate in 100 Men … Continue Reading

Charles Bogren

Michigan Issues Emergency Recreational Marijuana Rules

The state agency charged with overseeing legal cannabis sales in Michigan issued emergency rules in early July designed to bring much-needed clarity to Michigan business … Continue Reading

Kay Kossen

Assets that Pass Outside of Probate in Michigan

When a person dies, everything he or she owned becomes part of his or her estate. The estate is then distributed to that person’s heirs … Continue Reading

Thomas Cedoz

Business Alert: Consequences of Not Having an Employee Electronic Use Policy

Your company’s computers, network, data, and other information technology systems form the critical infrastructure that allows your employees to do their jobs and facilitate your … Continue Reading

Bobbi Hines

Estate Planning Video: “When Your Teenager Turns 18, Your Rights as a Parent Change”

As a parent, you’ll always be there to help your child, no matter how old he or she is. But once your child turns 18, … Continue Reading

Robb Krueger

Kreis Enderle Tees Off “Fore! the Children”

It was a fantastic day to hit the links for two great causes! Tiffany Burks, Bobbi Hines, Ryan McNally, and Collin Rosenbaum recently participated in … Continue Reading

Ryan Conboy

Condominium Living: Be Prepared to Abide by the Rules

Looking for a starter home, searching for the home of your dreams, or downsizing for retirement? There are many factors to consider: multi-story or ranch, … Continue Reading

Dan McGlinn

Ransomware Attack on Battle Creek Medical Practice Is a Cybersecurity Wakeup Call for All Michigan Businesses

Imagine showing up to your office one morning and finding a message on all computer screens that you will not be given access to your … Continue Reading

Robb Krueger

Kreis Enderle Continues to Support Special Olympics of Michigan Area 16

On the heels of a successful track event last month, Kreis Enderle again showed its support for Special Olympics of Michigan Area 16 – this … Continue Reading

Thomas Cedoz

Can Telecommuting Be a Reasonable Accommodation Under the ADA?

If your company allows employees to take conference calls in their pajamas, prepare reports from their breakfast nooks, or respond to emails while doing laundry, … Continue Reading

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