Divorce Law

“Michigan may be a no-fault divorce state, but that doesn’t mean marital rights don’t need to be protected.”

Michigan has a “no fault” divorce statute that only requires one party to state the marriage relationship has deteriorated to the point that it cannot be preserved and a divorce is the only reasonable outcome.  This statute has many benefits in that it potentially provides a quick and simple dissolution of the marriage.  It also eliminates the blame and harsh accusations that might otherwise be necessary.  However, the statute does not mean that the reasons for the breakdown of the marriage or the behavior of one or both spouses will not be considered in matters of asset division or spousal support.  However desirous of an amicable settlement the divorcing parties may be, each deserves to protect his or her rights.

As in other areas of the law, the best divorce attorneys are also the best listeners.  At Kreis Enderle, that means being empathetic to the mutual desires of the divorcing parties as well as protecting the interests of our clients.  We take the time to explain the issues and processes involved in divorce proceedings

The most important thing for those contemplating engaging in divorce proceedings to know, however, is that our attorneys will be there for them every step of the way.  Being effective advocates for our clients involves collaboration and communication.  Combined with our experience, this approach often allows us to identify simple and creative solutions to what may seem to be complex and insurmountable issues.

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