Jesse Young

Employment Contracts Prohibiting Class Actions Are Legal, Rules U.S. Supreme Court

The legality of employment agreements that prevent employees from participating in class actions against their employers over work-related disputes has been much debated of late. … Continue Reading

Amy Foerster

Unmarried & Living Together in Michigan? You Need a Cohabitation Agreement

In our modern world, unmarried couples who live together are commonplace. Similar to the importance of a prenuptial agreement for married couples, unmarried couples should … Continue Reading

Kate Gadbois

Work Hard, Play Hard – But Not at the Same Time???

By now, you’ve probably heard that businesses can no longer deduct entertainment expenses associated with or related to the business as a result of the … Continue Reading

Jesse Young

Expectation of Compensation Is Threshold Question for FLSA Wage and Hour Claim

Wage and hour violations in the U.S. are surprisingly common, with employers negligently or intentionally withholding compensation from their workers. While the vast majority of … Continue Reading

Tom King

Tom King Represents County Before Michigan Supreme Court

Kreis Enderle Hudgins & Borsos, P.C. congratulates Thomas King on his recent oral arguments in support of a county’s right to site county buildings, in … Continue Reading

Nick Spigiel

Nick Spigiel Coaches Kalamazoo Central High School Mock Trial Teams to State Championship

Kreis, Enderle, Hudgins, & Borsos, P.C. congratulates the Kalamazoo Central High School Mock Trial team, which won its twentieth Michigan High School Mock Trial State … Continue Reading

Dan McGlinn

Michigan to Implement Standardized Form for “Physician Orders for Scope of Treatment” (POST Form) to Guide Delivery of Treatment Outside of a Hospital for Individuals with Advanced Illness

Often, a patient with an advanced illness and his or her patient advocate or guardian desire to be specific about the type of medical treatment … Continue Reading

Ray Schultz

Seizure Orders

Imagine you are sitting at home one evening enjoying your dinner when suddenly a gentleman with a badge and some official looking paper titled “Seizure … Continue Reading

Jim Lance

5 ways to avoid probate in Michigan

The Probate process is a slow, tedious, and at times, expensive and potentially contentious process, at least when compared to other options. Many people believe … Continue Reading

Ryan Conboy

Michigan Property Tax Exemption for Disabled Veterans

If you are a Michigan disabled veteran, first, thank you for your service. You should also be aware that if you own Michigan real estate … Continue Reading

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