Ryan Conboy

Need a Probate Administration? Maybe Not

Sometimes in life, seemingly complex or difficult problems can actually have fairly simple solutions. The same can be true in estate planning and probate matters. … Continue Reading

Mike Toth

Proving Competence in Michigan Divorce Cases

Michigan is a no-fault divorce state, which means simply that family law our state says you are entitled to a divorce if you want one. Neither … Continue Reading

Ryan Conboy

Death and the Mortgage Due-on-Sale

Losing a loved one, particularly a spouse, is an emotionally taxing event. That loss is compounded when it triggers financial issues, especially those that impact … Continue Reading

Jesse Young

Governor Snyder Signs Minimum Wage Increase and Paid Sick Leave into Law

Governor Rick Snyder recently signed into law two initiatives that the Michigan Senate and House of Representatives passed in September 2018 ahead of the November … Continue Reading

Jesse Young

Tipped Employees, Dual Jobs, and Tip Credits

It can be a struggle to determine the appropriate calculation of wages for tipped employees. Under the Fair Labor Standards Act (FLSA), employers may take … Continue Reading

Amy Wesaw

How Employer Policies Impact Terminations

Whether an employee is leaving for personal reasons or is being fired for cause, managing an employee’s separation is one of the essential functions of … Continue Reading

Mike Toth

Expungement of Records for Marijuana-Related Convictions in Michigan

Over the last five years, 117,123 Michiganders were arrested and charged with misdemeanor marijuana offenses, and nearly 50,000 of them were convicted. With the passage … Continue Reading

Dan McGlinn

Legal Considerations When Engaging a Caregiver for Your Aging Parents

As our parents age, many of us will face the need to hire a caregiver for all or part of the day so that mom … Continue Reading

Ray Schultz

Understanding Wage Garnishments

Wage garnishments are by far the most common method of judgment collection available to creditors. They are considered a “first in time, first in line” … Continue Reading

Refusal to Hire Based on Positive Pre-Employment Marijuana Screening

Soon after the Michigan Medical Marihuana Act (MMMA) was enacted ten years ago, questions arose about medical cannabis and the employer-employee relationship. One pressing question … Continue Reading

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