Kay Kossen

Kreis Enderle Admits Bobbi Hines and Nicholas Spigiel as Shareholders

Kreis Enderle is pleased to announce two lawyers have been admitted as shareholders. Bobbi Hines and Nicholas Spigiel bring a combined 19 years of legal … Continue Reading

Kay Kossen

Kay E. Kossen Elected Managing Partner of Kreis Enderle

Kreis Enderle is pleased to announce that Kay E. Kossen, has been elected as the firm’s fourth Managing Partner, succeeding Stephen J. Hessen, who has completed … Continue Reading

Jesse Young

New Grand Rapids Human Rights Ordinance Places New Limits on Employers: What You Need to Know

In August, the Grand Rapids City Commission passed a series of extensive amendments to its Human Rights Ordinance, expanding protections against discrimination and creating new … Continue Reading

Ray Schultz

Proposed FDCPA and Other Debt Collection Changes Move Forward in Congress

In November, the House Financial Services Committee passed several bills that would significantly expand consumer protections and impact how and when creditors can engage in … Continue Reading

Thomas Cedoz

Avoiding a Jingle Bell Wreck: Holiday Party Best Practices for Employers

Once upon a time, office holiday parties were often the source of hazy tales of loosened-tie and shoes-off debauchery or ill-advised comments or actions fueled … Continue Reading

Charles Bogren

Federal Decriminalization of Marijuana Takes Big Step Forward

The fundamental conflict between state and federal law regarding cannabis remains the single biggest impediment to industry growth and creates daily headaches and long-term uncertainty … Continue Reading

Mark Kreter

Mark Kreter and Daniel Boocher Obtain No Cause Verdict in Motor Vehicle-Pedestrian Injury Case

Kries Enderle litigators Mark Kreter and Daniel Boocher recently secured a victory in the Kent County Circuit Court in a civil lawsuit arising from an … Continue Reading

Steve Hessen

Kay Kossen Speaks to Emerging Women Leaders at the Olivet College Women’s Leadership Institute

On November 13, 2019, Olivet College welcomed Kreis Enderle shareholder Kay Kossen as a featured speaker at its Women’s Leadership Institute. The event was part … Continue Reading

Collin Rosenbaum

USDA Issues Long-Awaited Hemp Regulations

The continuing expansion of legal adult-use marijuana into more and more states can obscure the concurrent explosion in the market for CBD oil and other … Continue Reading

Jesse Young

Additional 200,000 Michigan Workers Would Be Eligible for Overtime Pay Under Whitmer Plan

Asserting that recent changes to federal overtime pay rules don’t go far enough, Gov. Gretchen Whitmer is pushing to substantially expand the number of salaried … Continue Reading

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