Practicing criminal law throughout Kalamazoo, Battle Creek, Grand Rapids and St. Joesph

Criminal Law

“Even good people can find themselves in bad situations.”

When facing criminal charges it is vital to have a strong ally with the expertise and know-how to address the problem head on, as opposed to merely seeking to temporarily delay an adverse consequence.

Our criminal defense group includes former assistant prosecuting/district attorneys and other attorneys who have practiced in virtually every County in the State, and who can help with everything from a simple traffic ticket to negotiating deals with the United States Department of Justice. Each group member utilizes a wraparound defense method that focuses on the individual needs of the client.

We take a cost-effective approach to achieving a client-directed outcome; proactively addressing collateral consequences, including: driver’s license or professional license sanctions; adverse employment, educational and extra-curricular consequences. We have a strong relationship with mental health, alcohol and substance abuse professionals, who can work with our clients to address any underlying issues, if necessary.

We understand there is big difference between someone who has been charged with a crime, and a criminal.  Our focus is always to find the best possible outcome for our clients, while treating them like the good people they are and not treating them like criminals.