Ray Schultz

Proposed FDCPA and Other Debt Collection Changes Move Forward in Congress

In November, the House Financial Services Committee passed several bills that would significantly expand consumer protections and impact how and when creditors can engage in … Continue Reading

Ray Schultz

How to Use a Michigan Judgment Lien in Your Collection Efforts

If you own real property in Michigan, you won’t be able to sell it or refinance unless you have a clean title. If you are … Continue Reading

Ray Schultz

How Michigan Creditors Can Obtain Answers and Assets With a Debtor Exam Subpoena

Judgment creditors can spend a lot of time searching for a debtor’s assets, sending out garnishments to banks and employers and taking other steps to … Continue Reading

Ray Schultz

Michigan Creditors Can Garnish State Tax Refunds to Satisfy Their Judgments

Tax season is in full swing, and this year many Michigan taxpayers find themselves unpleasantly surprised that their federal refunds are significantly smaller than they … Continue Reading

Ray Schultz

Michigan Bank Account Garnishment – A Powerful Collections Tool

Obtaining a judgment against a delinquent debtor is an essential step in collecting amounts owed to you. But most debtors don’t respond to judgments by … Continue Reading

Ray Schultz

Understanding Wage Garnishments

Wage garnishments are by far the most common method of judgment collection available to creditors. They are considered a “first in time, first in line” … Continue Reading

Ray Schultz

Seizure Orders

Imagine you are sitting at home one evening enjoying your dinner when suddenly a gentleman with a badge and some official looking paper titled “Seizure … Continue Reading


Evictions 101: Possession Judgments Vs. Money Judgments

One of the more confusing aspects to the eviction process for landlords involves whether to seek a possession judgment, money judgment, or both when evicting … Continue Reading

Ray Schultz

Collecting Your Money

Each year thousands of individuals, businesses and financial institutions (creditors) utilize the legal process to file suit to collect monies owed to them. Once a … Continue Reading

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