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Dan McGlinn

Ransomware Attack on Battle Creek Medical Practice Is a Cybersecurity Wakeup Call for All Michigan Businesses

Imagine showing up to your office one morning and finding a message on all computer screens that you will not be given access to your … Continue Reading

Elliott Church

Increased Cybersecurity Scrutiny Brings New Focus on Improved Measures

Cybersecurity has been a frequent topic of discussion in the news recently. As the amount of information hosted and shared over the internet continues to … Continue Reading

Elliott Church

Kreis Enderle Attorney Leads Upcoming Conference in Grand Rapids

Big Data Ignite 2016, held Sept. 29-30 at DeVos Place in downtown Grand Rapids, is a workshop and conference that will bring together computing professionals, … Continue Reading


Incorporating Wearable Technology in Your No-Fault Insurance Defense Discovery Practices

As has been highlighted by a number of commentators, so-called “wearable” technology has the capability to transform discovery practices in litigation.  Michigan case law makes … Continue Reading

Nick Spigiel

Protecting Your Organization Against Data Breach Liability

We seem to hear about a company suffering a data breach and losing control over its customers’ sensitive information every few weeks.  In the past … Continue Reading

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