Estate Planning

Jim Lance

Using Care Contracts to Preserve Medicaid Benefits

As seniors live longer lives, their children often find themselves in the positions of becoming primary caregivers or looking for outside caregivers or services. If … Continue Reading

Ryan Conboy

What Does It Take to Make a Will?

Don’t have a will? Thinking about what’s required to create one? The answer, at least in Michigan, is not as much as you might think, … Continue Reading

Sara Fazio

Does Your Estate Plan Address Your Digital Assets?

After you pass away, can your spouse or adult child manage your online banking and investment accounts or shut down your social media profiles? It … Continue Reading

Steve Simons

What Are the Limits on Annual Gifting?

It may be better to give than to receive, but it is even better to give without worrying about being taxed on your generosity. In … Continue Reading

Bobbi Hines

Estate Planning Video: “Understanding Elder Law in Michigan”

We all face unique needs and challenges as we age, and Elder Law focuses on preparing for and addressing these issues. It involves estate planning, … Continue Reading


Estate Planning: DIY Can Lead to an SOS

For do-it-yourself types, the internet is the greatest tool ever invented. Need to put up some drywall, fix a transmission, or build a treehouse for … Continue Reading

Bobbi Hines

Estate Planning Video: “Probating Your Estate in Michigan”

You may have heard the term “probate.” You may have also heard that probate should be avoided or that your estate plan may help you … Continue Reading

Bobbi Hines

Estate Planning Video: “What Is a Trust and How Does It Work in Michigan?”

Your friends tell you that they have a trust as part of your estate plan. They tell you that you should have a trust. Maybe so, … Continue Reading

Bobbi Hines

Estate Planning Video: “What Is a Will and Why Do I Need One in Michigan?”

A will is perhaps the most fundamental of all estate planning documents. But what does it actually accomplish and do you need to have one … Continue Reading


My Parent Passed Away. Now What?

The loss of a parent is never easy. Whether it comes unexpectedly or after a long struggle with illness, the grief and sadness are equally … Continue Reading

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