Estate Planning

Ryan Conboy

Creating or Updating Your Estate Plan While at Home During the COVID-19 Outbreak

As the COVID-19 pandemic marches on, Michigan residents are sheltering in place in our homes while others may be in nursing homes, hospitals, or other … Continue Reading

Bobbi Hines

If You Want to Include Stepchildren in Your Estate Plan, You Need to Step Up Today

Along with your will and trust, beneficiary designations on financial instruments and accounts such as insurance policies, annuities, and retirement accounts play a significant role … Continue Reading

Bobbi Hines

The SECURE Act May Make You Feel Insecure About Your Current Retirement Plan

All the years you spend planning for retirement and all of the thought and foresight you put into your comprehensive estate plan can be upended … Continue Reading

Bobbi Hines

Estate Planning Video: Understanding Medicare, Medicaid, and the Cost of Long-Term Care

Long-term care will be a reality for many of us in our lives – and it is a harsh reality. Nursing homes, assisted living facilities, … Continue Reading

Jim Lance

Estate Planning for Families With Young Children: Choosing a Guardian

Which life event, more than any other, spurs people to get serious about estate planning? Having children. Making sure that your kids are provided for … Continue Reading

Ryan Conboy

Do Trustees, Personal Representatives, Conservators, and Guardians Need to Provide a Seller’s Disclosure Statement When Selling a Home in Michigan?

If you have ever sold real estate in Michigan – specifically a home with one to four residential units – you may recall completing a … Continue Reading

Bobbi Hines

Estate Planning Video: “Planning For an Aging Parent”

One of the most challenging aspects of aging is losing the ability to do things that were once routine. This often includes mental and physical … Continue Reading

Bobbi Hines

How to Legally Disinherit an Heir

Estate planning is a deeply personal undertaking. Many important and profound questions need to be asked and answered during the process, including who will be … Continue Reading

Kay Kossen

Assets that Pass Outside of Probate in Michigan

When a person dies, everything he or she owned becomes part of his or her estate. The estate is then distributed to that person’s heirs … Continue Reading

Bobbi Hines

Estate Planning Video: “When Your Teenager Turns 18, Your Rights as a Parent Change”

As a parent, you’ll always be there to help your child, no matter how old he or she is. But once your child turns 18, … Continue Reading

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