Family Law

COVID-19 funeral costs

Federal Assistance With COVID-19-Related Funeral Expenses

The death of a loved one is difficult under any circumstance. In the past year, many people … Continue Reading

Surrogate birth

Behind-the-Times Michigan Surrogacy Law Forces Parents to Adopt Their Own Kids

Bringing a new child into the world is supposed to be a time of joy and hopefulness. … Continue Reading

COVID-related parenting problems

Co-Parenting, COVID, and Turning the Page on a Challenging Year

When formulating a parenting plan, divorcing parents and their attorneys try to take all potential issues into … Continue Reading


Can You – and Should You – Appeal a Divorce Judgment?

When it comes to resolving the myriad family law issues involved in a divorce – child custody … Continue Reading

social media evidence in divorce cases

Social Media and Divorce Are a Dangerous Mix

Since the dawn of social media, divorce lawyers have wielded ill-advised social media posts as weapons in … Continue Reading

Voluntary unemployment and alimony

How Does “Voluntary Underemployment” Affect Michigan Child Support Obligations?

Child support is one of those family law issues that can create a lot of tension between … Continue Reading


Divorce Behaviors Separating Spouses Should Never Exhibit During a Divorce

Some people are pros at getting divorced, literally. But, for most, divorce is emotionally and financially challenging … Continue Reading


How Are Bonuses and Commissions Divided in a Michigan Divorce?

When it comes to how Michigan family law courts divide property and assets in a divorce, one … Continue Reading


“Do I Get a Say?” – The Role of Children’s Preferences in Michigan Custody Decisions

Kids don’t have much of a say about whether or not their parents get divorced, even though … Continue Reading


Parenting Time, School Closures, and COVID-19: When is Spring Break? Summer Break?

Because of the coronavirus pandemic, Michigan Governor Gretchen Whitmer ordered the suspension of all in-person K-12 instruction … Continue Reading

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