Family Law

Daniel Boocher

How Child Support Is Calculated in Michigan

“Child support” is the amount of money one parent is ordered by the court to pay to the other, noncustodial parent toward the costs of … Continue Reading

Mike Toth

Does a Parent’s Legal Use of Marijuana Jeopardize Custody Rights?

American attitudes towards marijuana are changing, and an increasing number of states, including Michigan, have enacted laws legalizing medicinal and recreational use. Despite these developments, … Continue Reading

Mike Toth

Proving Competence in Michigan Divorce Cases

Michigan is a no-fault divorce state, which means simply that family law our state says you are entitled to a divorce if you want one. Neither … Continue Reading


Unmarried & Living Together in Michigan? You Need a Cohabitation Agreement

In our modern world, unmarried couples who live together are commonplace. Similar to the importance of a prenuptial agreement for married couples, unmarried couples should … Continue Reading

Mike Toth

Medical Technology Advancements and the Impact on Divorce Practice

At an increasing rate, couples are turning to assisted reproduction technologies (ART) to create families that are preferential in size and structure. In vitro fertilization … Continue Reading

Ryan Conboy

Antenuptial Agreements and Equity

Antenuptial (Prenuptial) Agreements are often thought of as the tool of a wealthy parent trying to protect the family’s wealth from the upstart son or … Continue Reading

Russ Kreis

Division of Retirement Assets in a Divorce

The division of retirement assets in a divorce can be a very difficult chore.  The parties to the divorce need to assemble an inventory of … Continue Reading

Ryan Conboy

Temporary Delegation of Parental Powers

Getting ready to head out of town without the kids for vacation, for business, military deployment or otherwise? You’ve got your bags packed, plane tickets … Continue Reading

Russ Kreis

Spousal Support IS An Issue

Often, when parties to a divorce are faced with multiple issues needing resolution, or are involved in a matter that does not seem difficult to … Continue Reading

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