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Unmarried & Living Together in Michigan? You Need a Cohabitation Agreement

In our modern world, unmarried couples who live together are commonplace. Similar to the importance of a … Continue Reading

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Medical Technology Advancements and the Impact on Divorce Practice

At an increasing rate, couples are turning to assisted reproduction technologies (ART) to create families that are … Continue Reading

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Antenuptial Agreements and Equity

Antenuptial (Prenuptial) Agreements are often thought of as the tool of a wealthy parent trying to protect … Continue Reading

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Division of Retirement Assets in a Divorce

The division of retirement assets in a divorce can be a very difficult chore.  The parties to … Continue Reading

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Temporary Delegation of Parental Powers

Getting ready to head out of town without the kids for vacation, for business, military deployment or … Continue Reading

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Spousal Support IS An Issue

Often, when parties to a divorce are faced with multiple issues needing resolution, or are involved in … Continue Reading

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