Real Estate

A Solid Contract Is the Foundation of Any Significant Home Renovation or Construction Project

Unless you are a master carpenter with a lot of time on his or her hands, the … Continue Reading

Think Twice If Your Friends Want to Keep Their Boat at Your Dock

If you have a waterfront property, you may have friends and extended family members who have asked … Continue Reading

Unlocking the Secrets of Cottage Succession

Cottage properties on Michigan lakes are expensive. So are Michigan real estate taxes. Passing a cottage property … Continue Reading

What to Do When Things Go Wrong: How to Handle Landlord/Tenant Disputes

No matter how carefully a landlord follows rental rules and screens tenants, sometimes things still go wrong. … Continue Reading

Landlord Responsibilities in Michigan

Whether you’re a current or prospective landlord, understanding your legal obligations is essential for maintaining a successful … Continue Reading

Rental Property

Considering Renting Out a Michigan Property? What to Do Before You Decide to Rent

Many Michigan property owners looking for a stable investment consider becoming landlords. After all, real estate value … Continue Reading

PRE Audit Taxes

Tax Considerations When Renting Property and the Principal Residence Exemption

One of a landlord’s many responsibilities is paying taxes, including income and property taxes. You can often … Continue Reading

Real Estate Taxes

Real Estate Tax Appeals in Michigan

Michigan property owners are receiving annual real estate tax assessment notices, and some are feeling sticker shock. … Continue Reading

Property and Contractors Insurance

Insurance Tips for Property Owners and Contractors

When it’s time to make repairs or renovations to your home or business, don’t assume your existing … Continue Reading

Joint Tenants

‘Til Death Do Us Partition: The Critical Difference Between “Joint Tenants” and “Joint Tenants With Full Rights of Survivorship” in Michigan

“Please” and “thank you” may be the “magic words” your mother taught you, but there are also … Continue Reading

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