Civil Litigation

Charles Bogren

The Effect of the Michigan Supreme Court’s Coronavirus-Related Tolling Orders

In response to Governor Gretchen Whitmer’s March 24, 2020, stay-at-home order requiring nonessential businesses and workers to stay home, the Michigan Supreme Court issued two … Continue Reading

Mark Kreter

Mark Kreter and Daniel Boocher Obtain No Cause Verdict in Motor Vehicle-Pedestrian Injury Case

Kries Enderle litigators Mark Kreter and Daniel Boocher recently secured a victory in the Kent County Circuit Court in a civil lawsuit arising from an … Continue Reading

Ray Schultz

How to Use a Michigan Judgment Lien in Your Collection Efforts

If you own real property in Michigan, you won’t be able to sell it or refinance unless you have a clean title. If you are … Continue Reading

Mark Kreter

Mark Kreter and Steve Simons Secure Appellate Win in Michigan No-Fault Case

Kreis Enderle litigators Mark Kreter and Steve Simons recently obtained a victory before the Michigan Court of Appeals in a lawsuit under the state’s no-fault … Continue Reading

Mark Kreter

Mark Kreter Secures Trial Court Victory for the City of Battle Creek in Unpaid Overtime Lawsuit

Mark Kreter obtained a noteworthy defense verdict from the U.S. District Court for the Western District of Michigan in civil litigation over nonpayment of overtime … Continue Reading

Mark Kreter

Seeing the World Through the Eyes of Your Adversary

According to the media, we are living in an era of increasing polarization where people and organizations become entrenched on either side of an issue … Continue Reading

Ray Schultz

Seizure Orders

Imagine you are sitting at home one evening enjoying your dinner when suddenly a gentleman with a badge and some official looking paper titled “Seizure … Continue Reading


Evictions 101: Possession Judgments Vs. Money Judgments

One of the more confusing aspects to the eviction process for landlords involves whether to seek a possession judgment, money judgment, or both when evicting … Continue Reading

Robb Krueger

The Lake Across the Street: Understanding Water Access Rights Along a Dedicated Roadway

According to the Michigan Historical Society there are more than 11,000 inland lakes scattered throughout our state, and a person is never more than six … Continue Reading


Winning On the Tort Threshold in Third Party No-Fault Litigation through Motion Practice

Following the Michigan Supreme Court’s decision in McCormick v Carrier, 487 Mich 180, 215; 795 NW2d 517 (2010), plaintiffs’ attorneys have become adept at having … Continue Reading

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