50 Years of Kreis Enderle: Names May Change, Challenges Come and Go, but Timeless Values Endure

Kreis Enderle Group Photo

When Russ Kreis founded our Kalamazoo law firm in 1973, he did not know what the Firm – would look like a half-century later.   But that does not mean he lacked vision.   When Alan Enderle, Reid Hudgins, and Bob Borsos joined Russ Kreis along the way, they shared a like-minded commitment to values and principles they knew would stand the test of time.

Professionalism, Ethics, Collegiality, and the Power of Listening

They recognized that as dedicated as they were to providing exceptional representation and client service, these characteristics were table stakes for any law firm worth its salt. What would distinguish the Firm, they decided, is a culture that demanded the utmost professionalism, the highest ethical standards, and a collaborative, collegial spirit from any attorney that would join them on their journey. They also understood that serving clients in a way that would maximize their counsel’s value came down to listening, understanding, and delivering.

And 50 years later, those enduring principles continue to serve and benefit the clients of what is now Kreis, Enderle, Hudgins & Borsos, P.C.

In the years that followed the Firm’s founding, talented attorneys who held the same values and commitment to clients came on board. The Firm knew that resumes and pedigrees alone don’t define an attorney’s ability to effectively represent clients. Character counts and judgment matters just as much, if not more so. That is why no attorney is invited to join the firm without demonstrating that they possess both the skills and personal attributes that embody a Kreis Enderle attorney.

Resilience in the Face of Daunting Challenges

But any business, including a law firm, does not endure and thrive for 50 years without unexpected challenges and daunting circumstances that test the mettle of its people. For Kreis Enderle, that mettle was tested most acutely in 1980 when a category F3 tornado ripped through the heart of downtown Kalamazoo. The Firm’s 8th-floor offices in the Comerica building were torn apart, but the Firm’s team worked tirelessly to recover and preserve the Firm’s ability to continue serving its clients.

The Firm’s resilience and adaptability, as demonstrated in 1980, manifested in the ensuing years in how it shepherded clients through shifting economic winds, protecting their interests in tough times and maximizing opportunities in more prosperous ones.

Commitment to Our Communities   

KE GIves BackThrough mergers, acquisitions, and organic growth, established lawyers and those just starting their legal careers expanded the Firm’s capabilities and reach.   The Firm opened its Battle Creek office in 1997, Grand Rapids in 2005, and St. Joseph in 2013.  The Firm is committed to the communities in which the attorneys practice and live. All attorneys at the Firm are encouraged to serve others in ways that match their passions and talents. They have contributed countless hours and resources supporting a wide range of charitable and philanthropic causes and organizations.

As the firm reflects upon its first 50 years, it does so with an eye toward the future. Kreis Enderle matches its timeless values with an openness to new approaches and innovations that can help us better serve our clients in the years ahead. With gratitude to our clients and humbled by their trust in us over the past five decades, we look forward to continuing to serve individuals and businesses throughout Michigan for decades to come.

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