Real Estate Taxes

Real Estate Tax Appeals in Michigan

Michigan property owners are receiving annual real estate tax assessment notices, and some are feeling sticker shock. … Continue Reading

Employment Agreement

Signing Them Up to Stick Around: How Employment Agreements Can Help Employers Attract and Retain Top Talent

With the unemployment rate at its lowest in decades, opportunities abound for talented employees looking for greener … Continue Reading

Non-compete agreement

From Non-Compete To Non-Existent: Proposed FTC Rule Would Render Almost All Non-Competition Agreements Void and Unenforceable

For decades, businesses in Michigan and across the country have relied upon non-competition agreements to protect their … Continue Reading


The Basics of Appealing a Michigan Zoning Administrator’s Decision

Like all laws, rules, and regulations, zoning ordinances in Michigan are not self-executing. Someone must interpret, apply, … Continue Reading

Antenuptial Prenuptial Agreements

Current Trends in Antenuptial Agreements

In the past, antenuptial agreements (also known as prenuptial agreements, premarital agreements, or simply “prenups” under family … Continue Reading

Jason ter Avest Joins Kreis Enderle

Attorney Jason ter Avest Joins Kreis Enderle’s Battle Creek Office

Kreis Enderle is delighted to announce that Jason ter Avest has joined the firm as an associate … Continue Reading

Choice of Law

Choice of Law and Choice of Jurisdiction and Venue Provisions: Understanding the What and Where of Contract Disputes

Every state has its own flag, motto, song, flower, and other symbolic markers that distinguish it from … Continue Reading


Over 36 Million Businesses Will Soon Need to Disclose Their Ownership Information Under the Corporate Transparency Act’s Final Rule. Your Company Is Probably One of Them.

Passed in 2021, the Corporate Transparency Act (CTA) is part of an expansive federal government effort to … Continue Reading

Boocher Kreis Enderle Shareholder

Daniel Boocher Named Shareholder at Kreis Enderle

Kreis Enderle is pleased to announce that attorney Daniel Boocher has been elected shareholder. Daniel was previously … Continue Reading

Countering Offer

Don’t Take The Government’s Word For It: Countering an Offer In a Municipal Eminent Domain Action

Few governmental powers are as impactful and important as their authority to take away privately owned land … Continue Reading

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