Kay Kossen

Mail And Phone Scams Targeted At Senior Citizens

What We’ve Observed: The elderly have long been a target for clever con artists seeking to make an easy buck through illicit means. Some scams, … Continue Reading

Dan McGlinn

What’s on Tap to Open a Microbrewery in Michigan?

So you want to open a microbrewery.  If this desire is more than talk after downing a couple high alcohol percent beers, here’s a brief … Continue Reading

Nick Spigiel

Protecting Your Organization Against Data Breach Liability

We seem to hear about a company suffering a data breach and losing control over its customers’ sensitive information every few weeks.  In the past … Continue Reading

Russ Kreis

Spousal Support IS An Issue

Often, when parties to a divorce are faced with multiple issues needing resolution, or are involved in a matter that does not seem difficult to … Continue Reading

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